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We specialise in digital editing and work with digital and hybrid photographers from all over the world. Working with our experienced team allows you to spend more time behind the lens and less time at your computer.
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I consider photography a craft, for more than 8 years every image I was creating was edited by me, life goes on and after having three kids I started to appreciate the art of ‘family time’ more. So RDFL takes care of the editing of all my weddings, then I just pump my favourites & we are ready to go, pressure is off!

Fer Juaristi

We book on average 35-40 weddings + 30 engagements a year whilst also working in our own full time professions. Obviously if you do the numbers, our workload from both jobs just got way too insane for us to handle.

We Are Origami

Working with RDFL has allowed me to totally reclaim my sanity. Outsourcing my editing brought balance back into my life at a time when I was completely overwhelmed with the rapid growth of my business.

Jonathan David

They’re the only people I’ve ever trusted with my images. It’s almost like having an in-house editor that does everything just the way you like it.

James Day

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